Rift Devlog #2: New AI Type

Find the current version here: Itch.io Link

If you find any issues, please report them here: Github Issues Page

What’s New?

Most of this devlog is making a lot of minor adjustments to help the game feel a bit better to play. I also added a new level and basic AI type to try and spice it up.


  • When killing someone stealthily (without the enemy alerted) or with a teleport kill, it adds 2 seconds to your slow mo timer.
  • When in slow-mo, bullets have a short time period where they move normal speed, to help you not run into your own bullets
  • Added laser indicator on turrets to display where they’re shooting at.
  • When swapping with an enemy, there’s a minor delay where you also attack them before swapping.
  • Added blue indicator (using the same image as the swap) to show if you will hit an enemy when teleporting.
  • Removed alternate bullet type – didn’t find it helpful/used much, can return to alternate types in the future if it seems useful.
  • Added some basic UI on screen to show different abilities and the keys to use them.
  • End level panel now correctly states whether you completed or failed the level. You’re welcome to everyone complaining.


Blocking has been adjusted. It now goes around in a circle, with a few small areas for bullets to slip through. Bullets will reflect off each piece. Block duration has been increased to 3 seconds, and cooldown has been increased to 1.5 seconds.

Level 3 & Heavy AI Type

There’s now a level 3, which mainly serves to show off the new AI type. They’re not particularly inventive or interesting, they’ve just a big bigger with a bit more health. Good uses of teleport chaining will help to take them down.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where enemy deaths weren’t being counted.
  • Dodging through strong (grey) walls should no longer happen.


Soon I plan on adding a few features and working on polish and bugs as I find them. The feedback and bug reports submitted to the issues page will be extremely helpful in this.

Some of the features I have planned to work on soon:

  • Control remapping – to go with the new UI
  • AI upgrades to make them act more natural
  • New AI types, hopefully interesting ones that change the way you approach situations
  • More stealth mechanics?

Community Showcase

Don’t have anything standout that I was sent. If you try out my game and wanna send photos, videos, gifs, or anything else, feel free to email me at KoseckCory@gmail.com.


Enjoying my game? Want to see development continue? You can contribute in several ways, sending me feedback reports on the Github Issues Page is extremely helpful, both text and videos of gameplay can help me to add to the game. All ideas are welcome! Bugs too, gotta fix those.

If you’re interested in supporting me personally, you can follow me on Twitter or Instagram. If you want to support me financially, I have a Patreon and a Ko-fi.

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