Rift Devlog #1: Tutorial and Level 2

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If you find any issues, please report them here: Github Issues Page

Welcome to my first devlog!

I’ll be starting devlogs for each important update made to the game I started recently, which I’m calling Rift for now.

Rift is a top-down action game, where it’s main set of mechanics are teleportation and slow motion. My main goal is to make you feel like a badass essentially, teleporting in and out, causing enemies to shoot each other in slow motion. There are a few other abilities I’ve been experimenting with, such as the reflective block thats currently in the game, among other things.

What’s New?

Tutorial on Level 1

In this update (0.5.0) I’ve added some text for the tutorial. It’s extremely simplistic and kinda lazy, I’ll probably look for a more interactive system in the future. But this will explain some of the basic concepts for how some of the mechanics and UI works.

Level 2

I was able to make a pretty basic level 2, this hopefully will help to enforce some of the concepts shown in the first level. If done correctly you can chain up to 7 enemies in one go, if not more. There’s not much new in this level, it’s hopefully a good testing ground for people to learn more about the mechanics and test themselves.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed raycasting issues causing you to be able to go through strong (grey) walls when hovering on a black wall through them.
  • Fixed issue where teleport bar would stay on screen, even if all your teleports ran out.
  • (Not verified) Might’ve fixed an issue causing levels to end too early by miscounting how many enemies have been killed.


Soon I plan on adding a few features and working on polish and bugs as I find them. The feedback and bug reports submitted to the issues page will be extremely helpful in this.

Some of the features I have planned to work on soon:

  • Control remapping
  • Adjust how blocking works, make it more useful
  • AI upgrades to make them act more natural
  • New AI types

Community Showcase

Here is where I’ll be showing off any cool moments, videos or images, that people have sent me while playing my game.

8 second speed-run of level 1


Enjoying my game? Want to see development continue? You can contribute in several ways, sending me feedback reports on the Github Issues Page is extremely helpful, both text and videos of gameplay can help me to add to the game. All ideas are welcome!

If you’re interested in supporting me personally, you can follow me on Twitter or Instagram. If you want to support me financially, I have a Patreon and a Ko-fi.

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