Infinite Runner – Foliage and Trees!

So I added some foliage and trees to my infinite runner today, and I think it really helped to flesh out the game, made it look a lot less empty.


I was having this issue actually trying to put the foliage on the ground, since the ground is made of quads vs sprites and a whole mess of other things, I was having issues trying to do any kind of raycast or to generally calculate the position.

So my solution was to just drop them onto the ground. At first I was doing it as a joke, but honestly it worked so well, and it fit so nicely into the style of the game I kept it. I had to adjust some pivot points and images, but otherwise the look it made was really nice.

It’s not a bug it’s a feature.

Here’s a link to a GIF of what the game looks like so far! Click me!

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