Moving to Chicago

I’m off to the windy city!

Life lately has been a bit busy for me, nearing my graduation, I did a few interviews with a company called Scientific Games. They’re responsible for making a lot of casino games for all over, along with various other things. It was a few days of interviews, and from what I’d heard from them it was looking very optimistic.

While I was waiting to hear back on the details of that, I had graduation. Woohoo! I graduated from Full Sail University, and now I’ve been thrust into the world. Well a few days after my graduation, I got a call telling me Scientific Games would in fact like to hire me for their Chicago office. Which of course, this was great to be getting a job right out of college, but also nerve-racking.

Now I’ve had to prepare to go to Chicago, luckily I have extended family who already live there. So I’ve been looking for apartments, talking to relatives, and sorting out what all will be happening. Also, since I live in Florida, I went on a shopping trip full of pants and long sleeved shirts. Being from the warm weather, I anticipate a colder than usual reunion with Chicago.

It’s an exciting and stressful time for me, I’m excited to see Chicago again, nervous to ride a plane for the first time since I was a child. Once I’m settled in, I’m going to be able to focus on some of my other side projects. I have some small ideas for updating my Unity asset, and wanna get working on some new projects too.

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